Production and control

A.G.P. production procedures are on job order basis: that is, only according to customer order, drawings, processing specifications and delivery times agreed with the customer on a case by case basis.

2 mixers IAO 700 × 400 cylinders – 1 mixer IAO 500 × 250 cylinders – 2 preforming Barwell machines from 25 to 50 liters for preforming and cleaning raw materials with filters up to 164.58 mesh

The molding process is divided into two types:

Compression molding.

This molding is more traditional and involves the use of vertical presses with horizontal planes.

Injection Molding.

This process is an improvement of traditional molding. Although similar, the injection process differs for its practicality: batching for loading and injection into the mold is done in an automatic way. Thanks to the process repeatability, this procedure constituted the technological upgrade necessary to foster series production of of rubber articles.

The press for injection molding may have an opening horizontal or vertical.

The type of molding to be employed is selected according to Article characteristics and on the basis of our experience.

3 injection presses Maplan and Terenzio – 12 compression presses Terenzio and Fabes from 120 to 400 tons

A.G.P. must ensure the perfect realization of the specified processing cycle, ensuring quality and compliance controls expected and planned. The Operators maintain constant control during the production process, while at regular intervals, Quality Control Staff performs the checks required by the control plan.
Operators focus their attention on the visual inspection of the pieces according to the rules and instructions, while the Quality Control staff performs dimensional and hardness controls, as well as a more thorough visual inspection.

Durometer Shore A and IRHD

Optical machine Doss “ET4”

Optical machine Tesa Vision

Optical machine Vision

The working cycle is replicated and verified to ensure operation control and repeatability.

The production process is completed with the finishing workings:

  • manual deflashing
  • tumbling / washing
  • surface treatments
  • cutting
  • oven

Outsourcing suppliers, chosen for the quality of their service, are monitored and encouraged to better conform to A.G.P.’s requirements and policy improvement. A.G.P. assumes full responsibility for compliance with all requirements of the clients even for outsourced processes.

In addition to the normal activities and processes, A.G.P. is committed to ensuring the necessary technical customer support for the best outcome of each supply. The same applies to requests for information and clarification and for any cases of non-compliance detected by Customers

Machinery and equipment are subject to regular maintenance by external and internal suppliers.

Tools and equipment ensure the proper degree of accuracy with respect to sizes and tolerances established internally and compatible with the requirements of the clients. Tools and samples for the measurements are properly classified, identified and subject to adjustment within fixed intervals. Calibration data, both internal and external, include the metrological traceability according to national or international recognized specimens. Where necessary, external calibrations are entrusted to SIT or to equivalent centers adhering to WECC. The calibrations of equipment, tools and samples are properly registered. The staff is knowledgeable and trained sufficiently to manage them.



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