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A.G.P. has thirty years experience in the production of diaphragms.

Established in 1984, A.G.P. manufactures, according to customer’s drawing, gaskets and technical articles in various shapes and sizes up to 850 mm. in diameter, using a wide variety of materials according to the most stringent specifications and tight tolerances with up to Zero Defects quality-assured.

Customers require products characterized by accurate dimensions, absence of manufacturing defects and expected performance once installed. To achieve this, the choice of right materials is not enough; you have to treat them according to established technical rules; and the resulting finished product should be checked and sorted in a process in which the whole staff contributes to meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

The success of A.G.P. depends precisely on its ability to meet current and future Customer needs, through definition and understanding of their expectations in terms of flexibility, precision and reliability.



Via Faveti, 3 - 24060 Foresto Sparso, Bergamo, ITALIA
P.Iva e C.F. 01037100169

Tel. +39 035 930870
Fax +39 035 930856

Certified TÜV SÜD

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